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Professional Employment Organization (PEO) is Outsourced Services most in-demand product from clients of all shapes and sizes.

The service gives you complete control over your employees but lifts the requirement to have a large entity established in the region you wish to employ your workforce.



How does PEO work?

Using a PEO allows you to employ workforce either domestically or internationally but places the legal requirements and processes on the PEO provider (us) as the Employer of Record.


What's Provided by a PEO?

  • Residency Visa

  • Work permits

  • Health Insurance

  • Payroll

  • Employment/End of Service Benefit Calculation and retention

  • Local Tax Withholding (if required)

  • HR Support

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Benefits of using a PEO?

  • Reduced costs on in-house HR, Payroll and Staff Onboarding

  • Retained control on domestic and international staff

  • In-country HR support to keep you up to date with all local HR requirements

  • No requirement to obtain local business/trade licenses if your company is not based in the country you wish to employ new staff

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