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Freedom Freelance is aimed at professional freelance workers in the UAE. Our business license allows us to grant you UAE Residency and lets you to work for any of your private clients.

Unlike some freelance offerings, you will not be limited to undertaking work only in the freezone which issued your visa.

Freedom Freelance enables you to work with any company: private, public, Government or freezone. Our back-office team will process your invoices and ensure complete VAT, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation compliance.

Already have a residency and want to start working?

If you are sponsored on a dependant’s visa (husband or wives sponsorship) and wish to begin work, you will require a Labour Card to be issued by the Ministry of Labour to enable you to legally work in the UAE.

We can provide necessary documentation and sponsorship for you to work as a freelancer, invoice your clients and have the business support you need to get your project up and thriving.

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Why Freelance?

  • Keep 100% of your earnings

  • No need for office space

  • Build your own brand 

  • Control your workload

  • Complete UAE compliance to protect you and your work.

Reading To Your Dog


Freedom Bundle: AED 10,500

  • 24 month residency

  • Emirates ID

  • Medical insurance*

  • Invoicing & VAT compliance

*Basic medical insurance for those with no pre-exiting medical conditions. Additional charges may apply for higher levels of insurance cover.

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