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Outsourced-Services operate on a global scale with experience working in over 40 countries, but with a reach of 100+ countries. 

We have registered entities throughout the Middle East, Europe, The Americas and APAC.

We specialize in Middle Eastern Residency Visas and Work Permits for both long and short term solutions. 

Reading To Your Dog

Why Freelance?

  • Keep 100% of your earnings

  • No need for office space

  • Build your own brand 

  • Control your workload

  • Complete UAE compliance to protect you and your work.

Reading To Your Dog


Freedom Bundle: AED 10,500

  • 24 month residency

  • Emirates ID

  • Medical insurance*

  • Invoicing & VAT compliance

*Basic medical insurance for those with no pre-exiting medical conditions. Additional charges may apply for higher levels of insurance cover.

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